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A Land Kissed by the Arts

Music, art, dance, theater, history: the Amalfi Coast seems to have been kissed by the epic Muses of Homer.

Not only has nature given both infinite beauty and mildly temperate weather to this land, but millenia of inhabitants have enriched it with their works from the mind and heart.

Let's discover this paradise for body and soul...

Bread, Love, and ... Archeology

The excavations of Pompeii
There is no other city in the world that has the unique characteristics of Pompeii: a city completely buried during the eruption of Vesuvius on August 29th, 79 AD and found almost intact during the excavations undertaken in 1594 by the architect Domenico Fontana and brought nearly to completion in 1924 by Amedeo Mature.

Tourists come from all over the world to experience the immortal essence of this buried city, the only archaeological site in the world along with Herculaneum able to display a "living" Roman town. This trip back through time is possible thanks to the excellent state of preservation of the remains, protected over the centuries by 6 meters of ashes and lapilli that, ironically, caused the destruction of the city.

In fact, the pyroclastic materials of the eruption covered and crystallized the bodies of the ancient inhabitants of Pompeii, imprisoning them for centuries in their brief but excruciating agony and preserving them as casts till the present day.

The archeological site of Pompeii is located about an hour away from the Amalfi Coast: to visit it you need to head to Sorrento first and from there take the Circumvesuviana train to Naples. The railway leads to the station Pompei-Villa dei Misteri in about 30 minutes, stopping just in front of the entrance of the excavations.

The Temples of Paestum
To the south of the Amalfi Coast there is Paestum, the ancient city founded by the Greeks, where close to the sea you can admire three perfectly preserved Greek temples: the Temple of Hera, Neptune, and Athena.
The 120 hectare archaeological site is amazingly beautiful...5 kilometers of walls surround the perimeter, the remains of the defensive system implemented by the Ancient Greek colonies.

The two most impressive temples are dedicated to Hera and to Neptune, considered the principal examples of Doric architecture of Ancient Greece, while the temple dedicated to Athena, smaller than the others, retains the splendid pronao that led to the deity's cell.

Music and Poetry at the Ravello Festival

Let's move to the beautiful Ravello, the city of flowers and monuments, but also the City of Music and home of the Festival, held at the scenic overlook of Villa Rufolo and in the new auditorium designed by the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Organized by the Ravello Foundation since 2003, the Festival has become world famous and offers a rich programme of events every year from June to August, including jazz, pop, and classical concerts, ballets, and operas performed by outstanding national and international artists.

A very special event is the concert at dawn at mid-August. Imagine the stage merging with the blue sky and gradually becoming lit with the warm shades of sunrise to the rhythm of live music: a show you will never forget.

Positano: A Fashion Show

The phenomenon of Positano fashion dates back to the late '50s, when the Amalfi Coast became an A-list hotspot for travelers from around the globe, including artists and aristocrats, and also jet set celebrities and hippies that turned this fishing village into a place where fun and good taste triumph.

Since then, the streets of Positano have been the showcase of loose, colorful clothes, lace skirts and blouses, cover-ups and crocheted bikinis, embellished with applique and beading. Following the economic boom that hit the Amalfi Coast, Positano dressmakers began to carry high-end clothing, tailoring fabrics made of hemp and cotton and dyed in bright colors.

Another must have among Positano's fashionable handicrafts are the flat leather sandals that came into vogue in the '60s thanks to Jackie Onassis and Brigitte Bardot, who wore during their holidays in Italy. Even now, handmade sandals - often enriched with precious stones and jewelry - are an essential purchase for any woman who visits the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast will enchant the travellers who love arts with its internationally renowned sites and events!

What you must see or do:
  • An excursion to the excavations of Pompeii, Ancient Herculaneum, and the Temples of Paestum.
  • A concert at the auditorium Oscar Niemeyer or a ballet at Villa Rufolo during the Ravello Festival.
  • A stroll among the fashionable boutiques full of colorful clothes and flat leather sandals.
What you can do with us:
  • Bout tours in the Gulf of Naples
  • Guided tours in nearby archeological sites
  • Visit to Naples and its museums
  • Day shopping at the Reggia Designer Outlet in Caserta
  • Private excursion with or without a driver

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